Raquel's Maltese 

Raquel's Maltese 

Bay Area's Finest Purebred Maltese

♥ FAQ 

Are your pups purebred?

Answer: YES! 

Do you have both parents on site?

Answer: YES, of course. Why wouldn't I? 

Can you ship me a puppy?

Answer: HELL NO!

Do you sell your pups to anyone?

Answer:  NO! 

Do you offer your clients a one-year health guarantee? 

Answer: YES, of course. Why wouldn't I? 

How often do you breed? 

Answer: I breed each female three times, once a year.  

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Answer: I only accept cash or checks when making a deposit. The remaining balance must be paid in cash, large bills only. Bills will be checked!  

How many breeding pairs do you own?

Answer: I own two females and two males. 

What do you do to your retired females?  

Answer: Unlike most cold-blooded breeder, I don't sale my fixed female because they're no longer able to breed. As soon as I retired my females, I turn them into a service dog!

Can I use one of your males for stud service?

Answer: HELL NO! I don't want any of my males to catch an STD like canine herpes. Sorry. 

Can I use one of your dogs for a photo shoot?

Answer: Yes, of course. Why not? However, I will have to charge you a modeling fee! 

Why are your dogs so CUTE?

Answer: Because they were born that way. Sorry. They can't help it. :) lol 

What color is your pup's coat?

Answer: White. In some pictures my pup's coat may appear tan, however, that is due to the poor lighting inside my home. Once you see my pups in person, you will see that they are white like snow! 

Do you show your dogs?

Answer: No. I wish I had time to put my dogs in a show, but unfortunately, I am always busy. However, in my eyes, each of my dogs is a show dog

Do you have a waiting list?

Answer: Yes, I do! Please email me a summary of yourself, name, phone number, and the gender you're interested in purchasing.

What clubs are your puppies registered with?

Answer: Some of my puppies are registered with the AKC and others are registered with the CKC. 

Do you breed any other canine breeds? 

Answer: NO! Be careful if someone is selling you a puppy who has multiple breeds, that is a red flag and that means they're a puppy broker. 

Why are females so expensive? 

Answer: Because you're paying for reproductive organs! 

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