Raquel's Maltese 

Raquel's Maltese 

Bay Area's Finest Purebred Maltese

♥ Making the Big Decision


   Not a good candidate to own a Maltese:  


♥ If your never home because you work two or more jobs. Is the puppy going to be home alone majority of the time?

♥ If you own an poisonous/exotic/dangerous pet such as a snake, tiger, lion, etc...

♥ Are you going to take extended vacations without taking your pet? 

 ♥ If you smoke cigarettes. Sorry, but I don't want my pups to die young due to second hand smoke. 


Maltese require lots of love & attention.


♥ Famous Celebrity's Who Own Maltese 

 Elizabeth Taylor –"Daisy"

♥ Marilyn Monroe –" Maf Honey" (given to her by Frank Sinatra) 

♥ Elvis Presley and girlfriend Linda Thompson –"Foxhugh" 

♥ Heather Locklear – "Harley"

♥ Halle Berry – "Miss Polly & Little Willie"

♥ Britney Spears –"Lacy Loo"

♥ Anna Nicole Smith –"Marilyn" 

♥ Miley Cyrus 

♥ Mariah Carey  

 ♥ Adriana Lima (Victoria Secret Model) Alessandra

  ♥  Baby Bash (Bay Area Rapper) 

  ♥  Kylie & Kendall Jenner(From Keeping up with the Kardashians)

  ♥ Lisa Vanderpump (From Real housewives of Beverly Hills) 

   ♥  Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria Secret Supermodel

   ♥ Soulja Boy  (Rapper)

   ♥ Evelyna Lozada (From Reality Show: Basketball Wives)

   ♥ Aubrey O' Day (Singer)

   Lilly Ghalichi (From Reality show: Shahs of Sunset)

  ♥ Halle Berry

  ♥ Ray J

  ♥ Priscilla Presley 


Paris Hilton 



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